Global Transportation Solutions

Since 1989, FSP provides global transportation services to successful companies. We have spent 20 years developing a global network to ensure high quality damage-free delivery. Our global network has the flexibility to support the variables of cyclical volume, size, and destination requirements for logistics requiring complex delivery solutions. Superior visibility, communication, coordination, and consistency are provided by our centralized operations management, freight tracking, and customer service.

Services & Rates
  • Global Transportation
  • Air Expedite - Direct IATA Service
    Aircraft Charter Service
    Door to Airport & Door to Door
    Convenient Scheduled Air Consolidation Service
    Freight Safety & Security
  • Customs Clearance
  • ABI Customs Clearance
    Bonded Cargo Clearance
    Border Crossing Clearance Between US and Mexico
    PARS Clearance
    PAPS Clearance
  • Global Distribution Logistics
  • Consolidation & Deconsolidation
    Break Bulk Service
    Distribution Center Bypass
    In-Transit Storage
    Pick & Pack
    Specialized Labeling
    Value-Added Services
    Real-Time Visibility
    Warehousing & Inventory
  • Global Documentation
  • Export & Import Documentation
    Consular Documentation & Legalization
    Letter of Credit Document Preparation & Presentation Services
  • Rates & Locations