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Nobody Does This in a Recession
SupplyChainBrain, March 29, 2010

Would you be surprised to learn that FSP has zero turnover in its sales force? Steers can't abide the notion of a revolving door in that part of the organization. Closing a big account takes between 18 months and three years of hard work, he says. And FSP deals with some of the biggest - Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic. None of them is shy about punishing providers for service lapses. So keeping the forwarder's sales staff happy is just good business.
Great Places to work
Sacramento Magazine, May, 2007

We don't have turnover in our company. We don't have people quitting. We have a stable environment, Steers explains. That's a big advantage for us. It takes years for us to train people to do what we do. We look at our employees as assets.